Stain Removal and Prevention Treatments

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Spills and other issues happen. Knowing how to deal with them at the time can save you a fortune on having to replace the carpet.

If something is spilled on the carpet it is important to get it out as soon as possible and the best way to do that is to use plain white terry towels or plain white kitchen paper. Lay the towel / paper on the stain and apply gentle but even pressure until the towel is saturated. Keep doing this with dry towels until nothing more is being absorbed.

Next, fold a dry white terry towel (or a few sheets of kitchen paper) to the size of the spill and lay it on. Place a weighty object such as a few books or something heavy with a flat bottom on top ensuring that whatever is placed is protected from moisture coming through the towel. Wrapping the item in cling film is a useful tip. Leave it there for a few hours. This is to absorb any of the liquid which will wick up through the carpet fibres and prevent it from being left in the carpet to cause a stain.

If after a few hours a stain has appeared, don’t apply anything to it from under your sink. Call us for advice. We are able to remove most stains using various solutions and techniques, however, if you apply any household cleaners to the stain prior to our attendance you may cause more damage than good. It will also mean an increased cost as there’s more work involved in removing the stain.

Stain Prevention Treatments

Most people have heard of Scotchguard or similar products which are designed to place an invisible barrier on your carpets and upholstery to slow the process of absorption into the fibres. This gives you time to deal with the spill without having to panic.

Our protector is highly effective at this task and once applied will last for up to 10 years. It won’t be stripped by our professional cleaners so you can still have your carpets cleaned annually with the assurance that the protector will remain in place.

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