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There’s a particular focus at the moment on cleaning and disinfecting homes and business for everyone’s protection. To that end we can offer a range of services to suit your needs.

Full disinfection cleaning

We can attend your home or business to perform a full clean of all surfaces. We would then apply our 14 day surface shield disinfectant and protector to all high traffic areas such as door handles etc. Finally we can apply the product using our ULV fogging machine which will coat every exposed surface as well as carpets and upholstered items.

We are Fife-based and provide these service across all of Fife, Tayside, Dundee and Edinburgh.

Disinfection fogging with 14 day protection

If you have already had your cleaning done – or have done it yourself and simply require the peace of mind of having all surfaces etc protected for 14 days – we can fog your home or business premises with our Surface Shield product.

Surface Shield 14 day disinfectant, sanitiser and protector

  • 14 day surface disinfectant, sanitiser and protector.
  • BS EN14476 approved against enveloped viruses and specifically the coronavirus family.
  • Tested to EN1500 and EN1276.
  • Residual antibacterial and antiviral coating.
  • Unique molecular bonding technology.
  • Long lasting continuous protection.
  • Minimises cross-contamination.
  • Alcohol-free & non-corrosive, kills 99.999% of microbes.

Surface Shield can be used wherever the highest standards of hygiene are required such as in healthcare and food processing environments and is ideal for all outdoor leisure activities, festivals, camping, fitness gyms, hospitals and nursing homes, schools, workplaces and anywhere a risk of infection is either present or possible from close contact with many different people and also risk of cross contamination.

The product’s effectiveness has been tested against commonly occurring bacteria, yeast and viruses that are known to be highly transmittable resulting in infections and serious or fatal illnesses. These microorganisms can survive in an active state on many types of hard surfaces for several days, so the residual properties of our product removes this invisible threat.

Available in 500ml spray bottle for £20 + P&P or 5L for £100 +P&P

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