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Rugs vary in both size and quality. From fairly inexpensive accessory rugs to hand made oriental silk rugs. We can clean most types of rug and deal with some of the most difficult issues, such as pet urine and other bodily incidents.

We will always begin by quoting for cleaning depending on the type of soiling in the rug, type of rug etc. In some cases the cost of cleaning may be more than the retail value of replacing the rug and we will always advise where this is the case.

Our process for cleaning will depend on how soiled the rug is and the type of fibres it is made from. We will also generally take the rug to our workshop for cleaning. Wherever you are based, From Edinburgh up to Fife, Tayside and Dundee, you can entrust us with the job of saving your most treasured rugs and restoring them to their former glory.

The cleaning begins with a thorough vacuuming of both sides of the rug. A lot of focus will be placed on backdusting where we use the beater bar of our vacuum to vibrate as much of the dry soils from the rug through our cleaning grid as we can. You’ll be amazed at just how much rugs contain.

Before we apply one of 2 cleaning systems we will test the rug for dye bleed. We have positive reviews from clients in Glenrothes, Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Cupar and St Andrews, and we’re happy to talk over any concerns you may have – we understand the nature of any concern you may have!

Surface clean

In this case we apply an appropriate cleaning solution by sprayer to the rug.

Agitation with contra rotating brush machine ensures the solution gets into every fibre.

Hand rinse extraction. We use a hand tool to rinse extract the rug with our anti-resoiling rinse agent

Drying – Air movers are placed on and around the rug to ensure it is thoroughly dry before we deliver it back to you.

Brilliant result!! Fast response and my rug is like brand new after a little accident from my son!! Would definitely use pro carpet cleaning again! Thanks so much

Jen Kerr – Facebook Review

Immersion clean

Some rugs may require to be fully immersed in water to remove soils such as pet urine or if there’s a particularly bad smell coming from the rug which can only be removed by getting into the deepest parts of the rug.

After the backdusting and vacuuming we place the rug in a cleaning pool and apply enough cleaning solution to soak the rug. This is worked in and left to dwell.

We then rinse the rug with plenty of fresh water until all the soils and cleaning solution are removed

Squeegee, we push as much of the water out of the rug as possible prior to extraction

Extraction. Our powerful extractor is used to remove as much of the remaining water as possible

Drying. Air movers are placed so that air can be blown both over and under the rug to ensure it’s thoroughly dry prior to delivering the rug back to you.

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