How to remove Irn Bru from carpet

Photo showing before and after of Irn Bru stain removal

How to remove irn bru from carpet.

Irn bru is one of the most difficult stains to remove from carpet. Household stain removers such as Vanish, Dr Beckmann and others aren’t designed to remove these stains. If you spill Irn Bru on your carpet you should follow these steps as soon as possible.

  • Use kitchen paper or a towel to absorb as much of the liquid as possible by placing it on the spill and applying gentle, even pressure. Replace the towel / paper as neccessary
  • Blot the area until no more liquid can be seen absorbing onto the towel / paper
  • Fold a clean towel (ideally white) into several layers and place it over the spill area. Place a weighty item on the towel and leave overnight to continue absorbing any liquid that rises to the surface of the carpet.
  • The following day remove the towel and check the carpet. If there is an orange stain this will need to be removed by a professional who is trained in advanced techniques to remove the stain.

If you have an older irn bru stain which wasn’t treated at the time it happened you’ll need to hire a professional to remove this stain for you and avoid damage to your carpet.

I’ve tried to remove the irn bru stain myself but it hasn’t worked..

If you have tried to remove the irn bru stain from the carpet yourself it’s likely that you’ve caused some other issue depending on which product you’ve used. Some products are foamy and leave residues which become sticky and attract soils from feet and dust in the air etc. Using these products will cause more work for any professional who has to deal with the stain so it really is best to avoid having a go yourself.

What will a professional do to remove the irn bru?

A professional carpet cleaner will assess the type of fiber in the carpet and ask you questions about what you’ve attempted yourself to remedy the situation. It’s best to be honest with the professional at this stage as misinformation will cause problems later. They will then decide on how to tackle the stain for you. It may start with rinsing the carpet with plain water using a powerful extraction machine. This would then need to be speed-dried for the next stage. A bleaching technique would then be used to remove the irn bru stain from the carpet. These techniques should only be attempted by a competent professional carpet cleaner as the risk of damage to the carpet is quite high.

I have an Irn Bru stain on my carpet, can you remove it?

At Pro-Carpet Cleaning we’re trained in the techniques required to be able to remove Irn Bru from carpet and can generally help with that. The best thing to do is contact us to discuss your situation.